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AEG Notify

AEG Notify is an SMS and E-mail Notification Application designed to automate sending notification messages to administrators and clients informing them via SMS and E-mail about SWIFT financial transactions. AEG Notify is one of AEG’s Plug-In applications developed using SWIFT Application Development Toolkit (ADK) that accesses Alliance Access Interface to retrieve necessary information in real-time mode. Implementing AEG Notify will save your administrators from unnecessary manual work and will allow your bank to offer your customers an appreciated value-added service.

AEG-Notify integrates completely with your SWIFT system and with your telecom services as well. The application includes the following modules:

  • GUI interface module to build and manage system configuration parameters such as the type of message to be checked and notified about, the name and A/C number of the customer, his mobile phone number and e-mail address, the mail and SMS server, the template of the message to be sent.
  • ADK component which performs necessary checks by reading SWIFT messages, extracting required information, comparing them to the configuration parameters then deciding whether to send the notification or not, by what means (SMS, Email) and whom to send it to.
  • SMS & Email Service which handles the process of sending notifications to customers who have subscribed to the service. This component can also be fully integrated with the back-office system.

Features and Benefits

  • Automates sending notification messages about important SWIFT financial transactions
  • Integrates completely with SWIFT system and with telecom services
  • Retrieves necessary information in real-time mode
  • Saves administrators from unnecessary manual work
  • Allows the bank to offer customers an appreciated value-added service

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