AEG Solutions

Broker STP

The AEG-ELSAG “BrokerSTP” is the Interface solution customized to answer the challenges of managing and handling the BDL NPS RTGS and CLEAR messages and transactions. In the same time BrokerSTP allows the NPS participants (banks) to seamlessly resolve the integration issues without any change to their Back Office systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy integration with the institution’s back-office applications
  • Support of FIN MT messages and ISO 20022 Pacs 008/004/002 messages
  • Automatic generation of MT and the ISO 20022 pacs (008, 004, 002) and CLEAR files from proprietary format (text, excel...) and vice versa
  • Ensure the complete and dynamic management of inter-bank messages (i.e. between banks and the RTGS/ CLEAR)
  • Compliance with the specific message protocols (Positive and Negative Message flows) foreseen by BDL NPS RTGS & CLEAR
  • Message Correction capability (Message / Transaction Repair)
  • Manual creation and completion of transactions where needed
  • Messages Archiving Facility
  • Messages Printing Facility
  • Monitoring tools
  • Auditing of performed activities
  • Supports of SWIFT FileAct exchange using Real Time and Store and Forward modes
  • Support of SOAP, AFT and FTA protocols
  • Support of multi-application and multi-Network
  • Web Based Architecture