AEG Solutions

Corporate Payment System

AEG CPS is a web-based corporate-oriented solution, designed according to the needs of the corporate-to-bank business. It can adopt multiple corporates (clients) and can perform services for multiple institutions (multiple affiliates forming a group centralized in one system) as well.

AEG CPS supports different delivery Channel Interface systems (SWIFT, ACH or RTGS). These interface systems are part of a delivery channel, via which transactions are delivered for processing to other banks (shall the transaction beneficiary account be at other banks).

The corporate can join SWIFT as part of an MA-CUG with a bank or SCORE with number of banks. It can also be connected to the bank through public or private network.

Features and Benefits

  • Web-based
  • SWIFT standards compliant – FIN messages for corporate based on: MT 101, MT 103, MT 900, MT 910, MT 940, MT 942
  • Financial services messaging compliant - UNIFI (ISO 20022) for corporate based transactions pain.001.01.03, pain.002.01.03, camt.053.01.03, camt.054.01.03
  • Integrates with delivery interfaces (SWIFT, Instant payment Interfaces, RTGS Interfaces, Clear Interfaces)
  • Can interface with back-end (Business Applications)
  • Integration capabilities via web services, batch mode and SOAP
  • Transform message correspondences between formats
  • Performs core banking posting
  • Allows full STP capability
  • Allows manual control operations under certain criteria
  • Provides ISO 20022 validator
  • Provides interface for corporates to monitor transaction flow and status
  • Supports delivery channel’s cutoff time
  • Can perform VAT / Commission calculation and posting
  • Event logging: All actions and events are recoded in the database for review or error checking
  • Security: uses messages security layer “Local Authentication Unit” codes to secure the transfer of messages and files

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