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Duplicate Detection Application

It often happens that operations are mistakenly repeated in the SWIFT system which eventually results in duplicated financial transactions. AEG-DDA is designed for SWIFT Alliance systems to detect incoming and outgoing duplicate messages allowing users to take necessary decisions; a duplicate message can be rejected, returned to modification queue or released for further processing.

AEG-DDA keeps track of messages sent to and received from SWIFT by storing information they hold in its database system. When a new message is manually created or read from the back-office application, AEG-DDA automatically checks if any full or partial duplicate message exists in the database. When a duplicate is detected, the suspected message is stoped and redirected to a special queue for further checking and decision-making (drop or authorize).

Features and Benefits

  • Save time and money by detecting duplicate SWIFT messages
  • Graphical User Interface that allows authorized user to access the special duplicate-messages queue
  • The interface indicates whether the duplication is full or partial
  • AEG-DDA runs on the Alliance Access system in real-time mode
  • The application can be installed on the same machine as the Alliance system

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