AEG Solutions


Ekran System is a user activity monitoring solution. It performs user session recording capturing all user on-screen activity in a video format along with meta-data like active application name, active window title, visited URLs, typed keystrokes and typed commands.

Ekran System features several in-built identity and access management software capabilities in order to help you organize strong authentication and thus provide better insider threat detection and prevention.

How it works

Ekran System performs user activity monitoring on servers and workstations with local, RDP, and terminal session recording for Windows and Citrix platforms as well as Telnet SSH session recording for Linux servers.

Features and Benefits

  • User session recording (with meta-data)
  • Privileged access management
  • Identity access management:
    • Secondary authentication
    • Two-factor authentication (Windows Server only)
    • One-time passwords (Windows Server only)