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Firco Filtering Suite

AEG has formed a strong partnership with FircoSoft, a leading provider of Watch-List Filtering solutions for international financial institutions and STP solutions for payments and securities since 1992. Firco Filtering Suite solution from FircoSoft enables you to:

  • Eliminate the risk of processing illegal transaction
  • Detect high-risk financial customers

Powered by a sophisticated, artificial intelligence matching engine, Firco Filtering Suite products are state-of-the-art name filtering solutions that can achieve ultra-low false positive hit rates (less than 1%) while tolerating misspellings, typos, alternate spellings, abbreviations, truncated words, acronyms, initials and multilingual text.

Awarded the SWIFT Alliance plug-in label since 2001, Firco Filtering Suite accepts as input any message/text file format, and in milliseconds determines if there are names, companies, vessels, addresses or banking codes that match the blocked-parties list selected. The blocked-parties list is a combination of any official and internal lists. Firco Filter Suite works with any sanction or 3rd-party list (including very large PEPs lists). Over 360 institutions worldwide (representing 650 live sites) in more than 55 countries use FircoSoft’s Watch-List Filtering solutions.

Firco Filtering Suite includes the following modules:

Firco Continuity (message filter) module used for real time filtering of incoming and outgoing transactions. If one or several hits are found on a message, the transaction will be held for review.

Firco Trust (file filter) module designed to filter in batch mode files containing customer details (name, address, ID details...) as well as transactions.

Firco Due Diligence is a cost-effective Know Your Customer (KYC) and customer due diligence solution from FircoSoft that is perfect for small and mid-sized banks, broker dealers, insurance companies and corporates.

Firco Online Filter module designed to offer an intranet-based watch list screening service. Behind a web server, a user will type an ad-hoc request into the HTML request page by entering data like name, city, passport number etc.

Firco Multi Laws: a business rules engine and editor used to automatically eliminate non relevant alerts. It helps creating and maintaining business rules and defining priority and confidentiality levels.

Features and Benefits

  • Focused filtering expertise
  • Powerful filtering engine
  • Very low false positive rate
  • Partners closely with customers
  • Supports all formats for centralized filtering

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