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Bottomline GTMatch System

GT-Match from Bottomline Technologies is an enterprise-wide reconciliation and exception management product that supports reconciliation for all business lines and market instruments including cash, general ledger, nostro, securities transactions, custodian holdings, funds, foreign exchange, money market, precious metals. Its flexibility and generic capabilities provide a high automatic matching rate for any internal or external data sources. GT-Match is a proven solution to reduce operational risks while increasing STP rates.

GT-Match is easy to implement; the product could be installed and ready to run within few weeks. The interface with non-SWIFT compliant back-office applications can be facilitated through the company’s integration product. The use of GT-Match brings immediate benefits to the customer with efficient STP processes, flexibility and simplicity.

Modules can be purchased separately to meet an institution’s exact needs. Available through a single user interface that allows information exchange between them, GT-Match modules cover the following business areas:

  • Cash Statements, Cash Intra-day, Cash Interest Calculation, Cash Management, Forex & Money Market (including SWAPS)
  • Securities–Holdings, Securities–Transactions, Securities–Corporate Actions
  • Precious Metals
  • Long Term Archival & Cold backup
  • Investigation & Exceptions management
  • Host confirmation
  • Generic matching (funds, hedge funds, front-to-back office, ATM transactions, ...)

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to implement
  • Ensures a very high rate of automatic reconciliation
  • Intra-day Cash module fully integrated into the unique GT-Match interface
  • Accesses and privileges are defined by the system administrator in a very flexible and easy way
  • User-oriented approach
  • True enterprise-wide reconciliation & exception management product
  • Improves operational efficiency while reducing the risk exposure
  • Automates reconciliation and exception management
  • Automatic Learning Feature

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