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AEG Mid-Sys1 application, designed to connect back-office applications to SWIFT interfaces, supports batch mode processing and is based on TCP/IP communication protocol. It reads back-office files that can be supplied in simple text format, Excel sheets or database tables, checks contained messages, converts them into SWIFT compliant MT format and finally inserts them into the SWIFT database system.

Proprietary formats of files and transactions to be handled by AEG Mid-Sys1 are defined using a user-friendly interface. The administrator should specify fields’ types, structure, delimiters and sequences. The table of substitution for non-SWIFT characters and for utilized code-words should be set as well.

Features and Benefits

  • Checks the fields and maps them to message’s SWIFT fields
  • Checks for non-SWIFT characters and replaces them
  • Checks for missing mandatory fields and adds them as specified
  • Converts messages and files into SWIFT internal format
  • supports the following messages: MT103, MT110, MT200, MT202, MT300, MT940 and MT950
  • Handles interrelated messages, as the case of MT940/MT950, where the number of interrelated messages varies depending on the number of transactions in the statement Received SWIFT messages are converted back to back-office proprietary format
  • the package can be customized on-demand to consider the particularity of any specific message type

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