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Mid-Sys2 from AEG integrates your various back-office applications with your SWIFT System allowing 2-way conversion of message to and from MT/MX SWIFT formats, automatic message/file transfer and cut-off time management, and handling financial processes in back-office applications.

AEG Mid-Sys2 allows your back-office system to connect to the Alliance Access (AA) interface and the Alliance Gateway (AG) in order to facilitate the secure exchange of messages and files to and from SWIFT Network in an interactive.

AEG Mid-Sys2 can be installed on the Alliance server or on a separate server. The application server can be installed on the primary and the DR servers and configured to use virtual IPs to communicate with the back-office and the SWIFT Alliance. This functionality ensures an always-running application even when the main server goes down.

Features and Benefits

  • Connects to the AA using the SOAP/https protocols to send and receive SWIFT messages
  • Connects to the AG using the Web Service Host Adapter (WSHA)/https to send and receive Files
  • Supports MT message conversion from DOS/RJE to XMLV2 format
  • Uses SSL certificates between the back-office application and the AA/AG
  • Uses message security layer “Local Authentication Unit codes” to secure the transfer of messages and files
  • Handles connectivity problems and transmission errors and failures
  • Monitors communication and application interactions
  • Features backup options with easy switching to the backup and DR systems

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