AEG Professional Services


We like to think of Support as a major strength or advantage that we possess and hold at the disposal of our clients.

AEG Support is a 24-hour service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have our elite engineers on-call and ready to help in any enquiry via phone, email, or on site whenever and wherever needed.

In addition to our on-demand support, we provide:

  • Regular site visits and preventive maintenance
  • Installation of updates and software releases of AEG products
  • Full system maintenance and enhancement (operating system updates, system software & hardware upgrades, new patches, etc...)
  • On-site operators training

Consulting Services

AEG has been providing consulting services for banks and financial institutions ever since it was founded in the 1990s. Over the years, AEG has developed a deep experience in the financial field and gained a wide reputation as a knowledgable and trusted expert.

As a consultant, we study the business needs of the client, understand the challenges and problems they are facing by undertaking gap analysis, risk analysis, security assessment, etc. Eventually, we prescribe the technical requirements and solutions based on our findings. Then, we go further through intervention and implementation of the needed solutions and providing all the necessary support.

Training Services

We consider training a key element during the implementation process of our solutions. AEG offers a number of administrative and technical training courses covering, but not limited to, SWIFT Messaging, operating and administrating Alliance products (SAE/SAA/SAG), SWIFT Webplatform, managing RMA, security handling and auditing. Training sessions are given by certified trainers and professionals, and trainees are granted a certificate of the corresponding course by AEG. These sessions take place either at our premises or at the client’s premises based on the latter’s preference or on the type of training.