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SB System Connectivity

SB System Connectivity is offered for clients who have an Alliance Access or Alliance Entry server on their premises and desire to outsource their SWIFT gateway connectivity. AEG provides an isolated and secure connectivity that guarantees maximum integrity and confidentiality of data being transferred.

Features and Benefits

  • Saving money by outsourcing SWIFT Connectivity (Alliance Gateway, HSM, Alliance Connect...). Sharing occurs with logical segregation preserving confidentiality of the customer
  • Support of multiple interfaces: Alliance Access, Alliance Entry, Turbo SWIFT
  • Secure connectivity due to multiple layers of security: encrypted VPN tunnels between SB and customer
  • Outsourcing the Service to experts
  • Certified Service Bureau by SWIFT under Shared Infrastructure Programme
  • AEG SB adopts SWIFT security Framework
  • End-to-end encryption and application authentication
  • Support of multiple connectivity methods:
    • VSAT point to point
    • Leased line
    • Microwave
    • Internet via local ISP
    • Internet VSAT

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