AEG Solutions

Sanction List Automation

The AEG List Automation Module is an application module capable to perform the automation of the import process of the bank’s preferred Sanction Lists source (one source) (such as FircoSoft, AEG, World Check, World Compliance or Dow Jones) and make them ready to be used by the FircoSoft Filtering Suite.

The AEG List Automation Module is capable of the following:

  • Reading from the Sanction Lists sources
  • Importing the lists
  • Managing and Correcting the imported lists
  • Merging the obtained data with the file of the internal bank lists
  • Move the encrypted file to the FircoSoft filter server
  • Load the encrypted file to the Firco filter

As soon as the selected “Sanction Lists Source” releases a new list update, the AEG Tool automatically downloads it and imports the updated list directly to the FircoSoft System to be merged with other internal lists to form one global list used by FircoSoft Filter. The resulting merged list is loaded into the Firco Continuity Database server and used by Firco Continuity/Trust.