AEG Solutions

Smart Backup

SmartBackup is a comprehensive solution to protect complex IT environments. The solution protects your data residing in various types of nodes such as Windows, Linux, and virtual machines on VMware ESX servers or Microsoft Hyper-V servers. You can back up data to either a local machine or a recovery point server. A recovery point server is a central server where backups from multiple sources are stored.

Features and Benefits

  • Unified management console
  • Simple task-based data protection and availability plans
  • Protects various type of source nodes
  • Backs up data to recovery point servers
  • Support for physical/virtual systems (Windows & Linux)
  • Agentless backup for VMware & Hyper-V (Windows & Linux VMs)
  • Replicates backup data to recovery point servers and remote recovery point servers
  • Copies selected source files to a secondary backup location
  • Copies recovery points to an additional location
  • Creates virtual standby machines from backup data
  • Restores backup data and performs Bare Metal Recovery (BMR)
  • True global deduplication
  • Migration of disk images to tape, with granular restore from disk or tape