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Smart Clear

AEG SmartClear is a comprehensive solution that allows the bank to manage the Clearing process from end to end in a very easy, secure and optimized way.

AEG SmartClear is a web-based application. It is accessible from any web browser and offers a very user-friendly and interactive interface to enrich user’s experience and to enhance productivity.

AEG SmartClear acts as a middleware between the back-office system or any internal application on one side, and the payment delivery channel(s) on the other side. It uses an embedded integration module to interface with any third party system (BO, Channel).

Features and Benefits

  • Provides end-to-end management of the clearing process
  • Handles various types of transactions
  • Capable of managing the entire Clearing cycle
  • Can be all customized to match any specific requirement
  • compatible with different environments and very flexible in terms of implementation
  • Manages the entire work-flow of the clearing cycle
  • can be customized to accept various formats of data (XML, Excel, CSV, text, etc) on input and is capable of converting it to the appropriate format structure
  • Has multi-level validation capability
  • AEG SmartClear allows the monitoring of the whole clearing work-flow from within the GUI interface

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