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SmartDR is the perfect utility to migrate backup data off-site for disaster recovery, or copy data from remote offices to a secured, centralized location.

To answer SWIFT requirements, SmartDR has been built around reliability, flexibility, security and consistency. It features the DB Recovery Tool to guarantee a most up-to-date system replication and a 100% consistent database. SmartDR Replication offers both LAN and WAN optimized replication for on-premise and off-premise data protection, adapting to bandwidth availability and efficiently utilizing the network resources.

Features and Benefits

  • Almost 0% data-loss
  • Online/offline fully automated replication
  • Assured recovery for snapshots and integrity check
  • Advanced reporting
  • Powerful Assessment Tool for simulation and test
  • Support of virtualization
  • Restore last good system-state with Data Rewind
  • Very flexible implementation

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