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SmartFT is a software-based, fault tolerance solution that supports single and Symmetric multi-processor and multi-core applications. Now businesses can have a complete, easy to use, single-package solution to keep applications highly available during system failures to ensure continuous operations with no downtime at all.

SmartFT provides full fault tolerance to multi-processor mission-critical systems that require 100% uptime. The solution combines the physical resources of two standard Windows servers into one single virtual operating environment with complete redundancy of all underlying hardware and data, which guarantees running applications in the event of component or system failures. Moreover, SmartFT utilizes virtualization snapshots to revert back in time to previous healthy states when required. SmartFT requires two identical server machines connected directly by very high bandwidth dedicated links.

Features and Benefits

  • Simplifies availability management
  • Enables systems to compute-thru failures
  • Level 3 prevents full system failures with lockstep
  • Supports multi-processor applications
  • Works with or without SAN”

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