AEG Solutions


Smart High Availability (SmartHA) software reduces both system downtime and data loss to help you meet demanding service level agreements and recovery strategies that backup solutions alone cannot satisfy. Working in conjunction with Windows, Linux, and UNIX environments, you benefit from continuous system, application, and data availability for physical and virtual servers – all from a single, unified management console.

It features real-time server and application monitoring, automatic and push-button failover, automated end-user redirection, and push-button fail back functionality. Unlike complex distributed cluster and storage area network (SAN) replication solutions, you get granular, application-aware protection, recovery and availability for systems and data in a single solution. You may also use the push-button failover feature to proactively fail over to your replica systems before an impending disaster such as a hurricane, blizzard or flood.

How it Works

Smart High Availability software synchronizes the data on your Windows, Linux, and UNIX production servers with a second physical or virtual replica server that you provision locally or at a remote location. Once synchronized, SmartHA continuously replicates byte-level changes from your production server to the replica server, providing constant protection to keep data and information accurate.