AEG Solutions

US Transaction Identification Tool

AEG US-Transactions Identification Tool is an application designed for SWIFT Alliance system to enhance its functionality and tracks US transactions for certain customers. The application extracts the files to be handled and it generates reports.

Alliance Access users use a real time version of this application, which is based on SWIFT Application Development Toolkit (ADK). The batch mode version of this application is used by the SAE and SAA with no ADK license users.

The Input/Output messages are copied into a separate secure database in order not to affect the functionality of the system and are stored with full details allowing retrieval of any requested information.

The application allows the users to easily search for specific messages or group of messages. When linked with the AEG Reporting application Trans_Rep, the user can generate a number of statistical reports. The tool consists of the following modules:

  • Searching Engine: allowing users to search for specific data meeting specific criteria among the sent/received messages.
  • Filter Engine: allowing the checking for every single record and screening each customer

The application captures sent and received messages and stores them in a secure database. Initiated manually or according to a specific schedule, it scans the database for newly stored messages meeting certain criteria. The captured messages are linked to the bank’s customer database and queued for verification and identification. The customer IBAN is an important means by which the bank identifies its customers. The identified messages are added to the customer US transactions list. Summaries and detailed reports can be generated about one or more customers, printed or saved on Excel spreadsheets. A reporting utility is supported to allow the bank to easily create its own report.