About Us

Our History

Founded in 1994, AEG stands today among the top SWIFT Service Bureaus worldwide. In 2014, AEG Service Bureau was accredited to be fully compliant with operational requirements of the “Standard Operation Practice” level as defined in the “SWIFT Shared Infrastructure Program”.

Having been SWIFT Partner for 10 years, AEG provides in addition to SWIFT Service Bureau Connectivity and Support, a complete range of solutions and services that complement SWIFT offerings to cover major industry-business needs: Name Filtering, Wide Reconciliation, Dual Factor Authentication, Reporting & Archiving, SMS Notification, System Integration, Managed File Transfer, VSAT connectivity, in addition to cutting-edge solutions for systems high-availability and data protection featuring Fault-Tolerance, Back-up, Replication, and Disaster Recovery.

AEG has succeeded in creating pivotal partnerships with highly reputable international solution providers in the financial and IT industry to deliver the best service. AEG strategic partners are: SWIFT, IBM, Cisco, Kaspersky, Sonema, Fircosoft, Bottomline Technologies, Stratus Technologies, CA Arcserve, SafeNet, Citrix, and Rapid7.

AEG has achieved over 1,000 successful implementations for nearly 800 Clients in 65 countries in the Middle East, GCC, Africa and Europe. AEG currently has more than 465 active members subscribed to its Service Bureau and 800 Clients in total under Support contract.

Our Identity


We take on the duty to recreate IT and Business solutions through our sophisticated and state-of-the-art products and services that we choose to deliver to an exclusive range of clientele.


We aspire to lead the way for financial and non-financial organizations worldwide to a rising caliber of doing business with our indispensable end-to-end solutions.


Integrity • Innovation • Reliability


Investing in Human Resources: At AEG, we believe in investing in our people; i.e., building their skills, expanding their knowledge, widening their experience, and supporting their continuous accreditation and certification. We strive to retain a motivated and empowered team in order to serve our purpose and succeed in fulfilling our mission. This allows us to further excel in our field and helps us stay alined with our values.

Loyalty: Our relationship with our teams is deeply routed in the value of mutual loyalty. This builds a more coherent environment at work which is reflected in high performance and devotion to work.

Our Offerings

AEG delivers a wide range of products and services that target financial institution as well as corporate:

  • SWIFT Service Bureau Connectivity and Support
  • Name Filtering, FATCA, Due Diligence for Compliance
  • Managed File Transfer and Dual Factor Authentication to enhance the security of business operations
  • In-house developed application to leverage SWIFT services including Statistical Reporting, Archiving, Client SMS Notification, Remote Transaction Handling, Message Duplicate Detection and Workers Remittances
  • Data Communication and Networking
  • High-end solutions for Service Availability including fault-tolerance, system back-up, data replication and disaster recovery
  • VSAT connectivity solution for an always-on access
  • Consultancy, Support and Project Management Services
  • Wide Reconciliation and Matching solutions
  • STP and System Integration
  • Hands-on Training
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Our Strategic Partners

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