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Second Quarter - 2020 | Issue #10









“With the perseverance and resilience that we promised, we can proudly say that our performance was not affected by the crisis”




Word from the CEO

Despite the difficulties brought about by the pandemic and the massive lockdown that affected the whole world, we were able to maintain high productivity and continuity with the collective efforts of all our teams and with the cooperativeness of our clients. We managed to successfully and punctually complete our projects and acquire new projects. During this period, our teams were working remotely from their homes or on shifts from our offices, while taking all necessary precautions, in order to sustain the highest measures of health safety. With the perseverance and resilience that we promised, we can proudly say that our performance was not affected by the crisis. Now that the lockdown is almost over, we are phasing back into normal operational activities.

We are currently working on various projects and developing new applications that answer the emerging needs of our clients. A new solution for Target2 is coming up addressing our clients in Europe. On the other hand, AEG gpi-PRO is being tested and implemented in more and more banks, and AEG SmartSMD was met with great interest on our clients’ side, especially during the lockdown, for its capability to allow bank employees to operate easily from home. Further, we are now taking more CSP assessment projects especially after being officially listed on SWIFT’s directory.

I wish you all stay safe and healthy hoping that this pandemic crisis ends soon and life gets back to normal again.

Dr. Mohamed Sadek – CEO and General Manager

AEG Listed as CSP Assessor

Ever since the first release of CSP in 2016, AEG has been working closely with its clients providing consultancy, guidance and support concerning the compliance with SWIFT’s CSCF framework. In the past four years, AEG performed security awareness sessions, security assessments, risk assessments, penetration testing, along with various activities to detect vulnerabilities, risks and gaps. Moreover, AEG has also been providing security and business continuity products in the quest of keeping its clients protected and compliant. With all the CSP projects that we have done, we have always had satisfying results and contented clients.

Today, AEG is proud to announce that it has been listed on SWIFT’s directory of CSP assessment providers. Being acknowledged as an official assessor will undoubtedly strengthen the trust of our current and future clients; the trust that we highly value, appreciate, and work hard to maintain.

A New Application for Target2

AEG MidSys3: a new application to migrate SWIFT MT to ISO 20022, and to integrate the BO applications with SWIFT Target 2 messages.

All financial institutions processing SWIFT MT Category 1, 2 and 9 series messages must be able to receive and process Cross-border Payments and Reporting Plus (CBPR+) compliant ISO 20022 messages. Conformance to CBPR+ specifications will be validated by the SWIFT messaging service, so it is imperative that banks implement the specifications correctly.

AEG MidSys3 is a middleware application that resides between core banking applications and SWIFT Alliance Access/Entry and transform the MT messages to ISO 20022 and vice versa. It plays a role of transforming standards, adapting to bank’s operational procedures, adapting to CBPR+ regulations and has the capability to enrich the messages where needed.

Further, AEG MidSys3 allows the back-office systems to exchange the T2 payload information. It contains the required T2-specific logic to communicate with T2 using the SWIFTNet interface. It handles both the InterAct and FileAct messaging services in real-time or store-and-forward mode, including the handling of T2 BAH/BFH signatures.

The application also offers a number of add-on features that make it even more powerful such as monitoring, security, integration with AML solutions, email notifications, and workflow definition.

For more information, contact your account manager here

Coping with COVID-19

The exponential spread of COVID-19 has caused the disruption of lives and affected livelihoods, communities and businesses around the world. Organizations worldwide are innovating to minimize the impact and limit disruptions to economies and supply chains. AEG, in its turn, took the initiative to provide innovative solutions that assure business continuity and security for its clients and to enable their employees to work efficiently and securely from their homes. Ensuring and sustaining the activity of the banking sector during such a crisis is a mission that AEG believed to be key for saving world economy.

While taking into consideration the economic difficulties imposed by the situation, AEG made special offers and packages on such solutions. Moreover, AEG staff were prepared to perform tasks remotely or on premises whenever necessary to answer all clients’ enquiries on time. Moreover, all existing projects were completed as scheduled to meet the expectations of our clients, and new projects were attained as well. Although the consequences and repercussions of the pandemic have been drastic, we keep high hopes and look forward for a brighter future.



In This Issue



01.    AEG Listed as CSP Assessor



02.    A New Application for Target2



03.    Coping with COVID-19




“AEG is ready to receive more CSP assessment projects”









“AEG is soon to launch a new integration application for Target2”






ü  AEG is proud to announce that two of its esteemed clients Turkiye Cumhuriyeti Ziraat Bankasi A.S. and Al Iraq Noor Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance went live using “AEG SmartClear”, for both ACH and RTGS with a full successful integration with “Banks” back office system.

ü  AEG has successfully completed all tests on its new site in France with dual lease lines and is now anticipating the official launching. This means that AEG will be operating from 3 sites for more redundancy and reliability.

ü  We are back to operating fully from our offices while maintaining precautions and high safety measures. | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook