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Fourth Quarter - 2018 | Issue #4


AEG family wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May this holy period bring you and your loved ones all the happiness and prosperity.






 “We are looking forward for a prosperous 2019”



Word from the CEO

As this year has come to an end, I would like to take the chance to greet everyone and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The past year has been loaded with hard work, devotion, gathered efforts, achievement and making the impossible happen. Probably the most highlighted occurrence of this year would be accomplishing migration to SWIFT release 7.2 at more than 500 banks spread over a wide geographical area within a timeframe assigned for the task; meaning that we have met the tight deadline assigned by SWIFT. In the same manner, we were able to meet all deadlines related to CSP compliance, UETR compliance and our SIP certification. These have been very delicate tasks that required much dedication and precision. We are proud to proclaim that all has been fulfilled with success and client satisfaction.

We are looking forward to achieve even more during next year and always stand ahead of our clients’ expectations. During 2019, we will be working on enhancing our security offerings and launching new products. We have high expectations for the year to come and we hope for the best.


Dr. Mohamed Sadek – CEO and General Manager



In This Issue



01.       Migration & CSP



02.       2018 in Few Words



03.       Events of 2018



04.       2018 Highlights






2018 is the year of due dates, deadlines and achievements


2018 Highlights

ü SIP 2018 certified Service Bureau

ü 500+ successful migrations to SWIFT release 7.2

ü 2000+ Successful interventions (on-site, off-site)

ü 200+ new contracts signed

ü 20+ new clients joined AEG

ü 4 new in-house developed products

2018 in Few Words

If we are to sum up the year of 2018, it would be described as the year of deadlines and due dates. From SWIFT migration, to SWIFT CSP compliance, to SIP certification of our Service Bureau, and to the UETR compliance. All these, bound by a limited timeframe, and much more were achieved successfully on our side just in time.

Despite the vast number of clients spread among more than 40 countries between the Middle East and Africa most of which were not ready for migration until weeks before the deadline; migration was successfully done, and deadline was well met for almost free-of-charge service to our clients. We regard this as top highlight for the year of 2018, as we hold pride in exceeding the expectations of our clients and sparing them any penalties.

Moreover, this year has witnessed the launching of four new in-house products that will further unfold during next year: LAU, AST, GPI and UETR applications.

LAU Application is a solution that answers the challenge of authenticating and securing MT message between SWIFT and Back Office applications.

AST (Advanced Secure Transfer) is an application that transfers messages securely from one node to another. It addresses the challenges of file transfer in terms of logging and traceability, and in terms of FTP protocols and reachability.

GPI-Pro is an application that is basically intended to update and read SWIFT’s GPI directory, create and track payment messages, and integrate with core banking system via webservices.

UETR Application is responsible for the generation of UETR code for MT messages.

We expect these applications to serve their purpose to the fullest by making certain tasks easier and more secure. We have high expectations for them starting 2019.

During 2018, AEG managed to retain and increase its number of customers through providing comprehensive set of solutions and products and serving a quality service with 24/7 support. This was achieved through the growth of staff encompassing a large number of well-trained engineers and experts. This has also reflected on the growth of sales and a promising geographical spread to serve new markets.

Events of 2018

During this year, AEG exhibited and participated in a number of important events engaging the financial community, most of which are organized by SWIFT like the African Regional Conference (ARC), Middle East Regional Conference (MERC), Sibos, and SWIFT Operations Forum Europe (SOFE). On the other hand, AEG has organized and participated in a number of roadshows and events to communicate its latest solutions and releases. | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook