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Security Consultancy, Guidance and Support

The increasing incidents of cyber attacks and big heists have prompted SWIFT to set certain controls for SWIFT participants to fight cyber threats. The entire financial industry has the obligation today to fight fraud and cyber attacks. SWIFT first launched the Customer Security Programme (CSP) in 2016 to help customers secure their local environments and protect their businesses. In May 2017, SWIFT amplified their program by publishing the SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF) which describes a set of mandatory and advisory security controls for SWIFT users.

To guarantee that users implement these controls, SWIFT has developed an attestation and compliance process. This entails that users undertake a self-attestation of their compliance status against CSCF before the end of 2017. In response to customers’ requests of assistance in achieving the CSCF compliancy, AEG has devised a comprehensive plan comprising a set of services and solutions that we provide in modular or in package manners depending on the needs and budget of the bank.

After the many heists that have struck the banking community, the need for high IT security surfaced again as an urgent necessity and not only as a module in the banks’ infrastructure. As a result, Customer Security Program emerged to make sure that the SWIFT infrastructure is well protected. Serving this need, AEG is ready to aid its customers throughout the compliancy process and onwards to maintain a secure SWIFT environment. AEG can assist its clients by offering the needed security consultancy, guidance and support by providing all the products, solutions and other wider options like outsourcing in order to be compliant with the Program.

How it works

- We perform security gap analysis in reference to CSCF mandatory and advisory controls

- We identify the gaps and provide a report of findings

- We prescribe solutions (processes, policies, products, configuration, etc.)

- We recommend more solutions and measures for further security hardening

Our staff includes Swift Certified Assessors in the subject area: CSP Assessments. For more Info Click here

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