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AEG gpi-PRO is a gpi payment application developed by AEG and labeled as SWIFT Compatible Application 2023. It is dedicated to create gpi payments and allow the bank and its client to track their payments in real time. The main role of it is to enable SWIFT gpi by converting corporate payment requests into gpi payments and by encapsulating gpi business logic and SLA requirements in payment transactions. And hence, AEG gpi-PRO is based on the available tools and capabilities of SWIFT gpi. It aims to enhance and facilitate gpi use by the banks. It integrates gpi with the functionalities of the back-office system and helps the banks offer tracking capability to their clients.

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Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates human error in the gpi messages/API structure
  • Allows tracking of payments through a user-friendly interface
  • Provides regular updates on payment status
  • Maintains a detailed event log necessary for investigation and auditing
  • Automates the loading of SWIFT gpi Directory updates
  • Determines whether the beneficiary bank is gpi member or not
  • Determines the best path to reach the beneficiary bank taking into account the fees, the currency, the cut-off time and the channels for reachability
  • Provides the bank with an additional service to offer to their clients which is a web-interface that allows customers to track their payments
  • Resilient to support future SWIFT gpi updates

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